A Message In A Bottle

Dear Freshman:

Not knowing what to expect your first year of college? Before you jump in head first, start here:

  1. Take advantage of student discounts: College students receive more discounts and free merchandise than senior citizens and police/firemen put together. Take advantage! Check out the an upcoming post on some of the most popular college student discounts.
  2. Mentally transition out of high school: Sit in front of class, visit your professor hours, use the writing center, get to know your librarian.
  3. Enroll in a class that could help you in the future: Think about your elective courses; don’t just take what is convenient or easy. Ask yourself: Can you take classes that may lead into a part-time job or a hobby that you may want to explore later? Consider this carefully and include them in your schedule.

I wish I could have mastered balance my first year. To better balance college and life, I started making lists of priorities. The three most important things were taken care of first while the rest were optional. Never neglect needs of the family, include them in your goals and they will help you stay on track and celebrate when goals are completed.”

Dr. Stacy Y., Kansas State University, Professor


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